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Alyssa Hawn




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Hi, I'm Alyssa Hawn.

And I believe that anyone can overcome chronic pain and illness. Allow me to explain...


At age 31, I suffered from what seemed like an endless array of chronic health conditions, including interstitial cystitis, which is a chronic, painful bladder condition with no known cure. I felt so helpless, unsure I wanted to live if it meant dealing with this debilitating distraction for the rest of my life. Instead of settling for symptom-treating medication with devastating side effects, I was determined to find and address my root cause.


In my extensive search for answers, I discovered holistic and integrative medicine. What I learned was root cause was not one thing, but a multitude of factors that included stress, poor nutrition, harmful lifestyle choices, lack of self-love, and limiting beliefs. I learned that health was not as simple as taking a drug or a supplement, although both have their place.


After less than a year of dedicated (ahem, obsessive) research and implementing solutions, I not only reversed interstitial cystitis, but also osteoarthritis, chronic acne, blood sugar imbalance, heartburn, leaky gut, back pain, and food sensitivities. I dropped 15 lbs, reduced stress, and improved my mood and energy levels. Most importantly, I embraced my spirituality and learned how to respect and trust my intuition. I want you to know that it is possible to heal and feel amazing in your body, and it is my mission to bring true health quickly to those who want it. I became a certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so that I could use my knowledge to help clients get on the fast-track to better health.

In February 2022, I discovered I had intuitive gifts beyond my wildest dreams. I found myself with the ability to connect to the Creator of All That Is, enabling me to read and interpret others' energy, access Divine guidance, and perform instant healings. I became a certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Human Design Reader so I could help people overcome limiting beliefs and societal conditioning. The health of your body is of the utmost importance, but imagine how much better life can be when you eliminate old, destructive patterns and beliefs. (Hint: it's a lot better)

I don't want you to suffer needlessly like I did for so long. I couldn't live my life fully because I was so distracted by my wide array of health problems and was looking in the wrong places for answers. This does not have to be you. As your personal health detective, healer and guide, I help you identify your root causes and connect with your intuition to find solutions that directly address your health goals.

Client Love

With Alyssa's support and guidance, we were able to figure out a regimen that returned by gut health not only back to "normal", but better than it has ever been! - Erin Stamm

I fit into work pants today for the first time in a very long time.  Alyssa is amazing - everyone should work with her for personal wellness and healing. - Angela Louis

After 4 months of working with Alyssa, my type 2 diabetes and fatty liver had reversed. At 6 months, all my bloodwork came back normal. Having someone with so many natural and well-researched solutions as Alyssa, who additionally has courage, faith and love, make her a very special healing presence to all who work with her.  - Judy Ryan

Honestly, I feel like I’m going backwards in my health life. Instead of getting older, I feel like I’m getting younger, and that opens the door to everything I want to accomplish for the rest of my life. Alyssa provided the holistic support that I needed to reach my overall goals.  - Caren Libby

Within 3 months, Alyssa helped me greatly improve my situation. With the patience of an angel, she coached and educated me through beneficial diet and lifestyle changes. I am very particular, and she personalized recommendations that I could commit to with my busy schedule. For Alyssa, it's not just about calories, but more about proper holistic nutrition. - Dee Miller

Alyssa has an unparalleled gift of working in the unseen places within her clients. Her high level of intuition and ability to read your energy allows Alyssa to dig deeper than you’ve ever though of going. She gets to the root. - Rachel Perry


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