My Journey to Human Design and How It Can Help

Two years ago, someone suggested I learn my son Max’s Human Design so I could better parent him. They described Human Design as a sort of energy map where I could understand his gifts and tendencies. I ran Max’s chart for free online…and it was like gibberish. I couldn’t begin to fathom what it all meant. I read that Max was a projector energy type, meaning he was a wise guide for humanity, able to see people, projects and systems in visionary ways. But because Max was a baby, this information didn’t mean a lot to me.

It wasn’t until I ran and researched my own chart that I started believing in the power of Human Design.

I learned that I was a 3/5 manifesting generator, meaning I was here to have many passions, learn through diverse experiences, and make decisions from my gut and emotions (not my head). This resonated with me in a profound way. Before age 31, I had worked in 8 different industries, moved 12 times in one decade, and was about to end my second marriage. With both marriages, I had ignored the messages my body sent me and instead tried to rationalize everything in my head. For a long time, I thought there was something deeply wrong with me because I couldn’t stick things out in the long term. And now, here was Human Design, telling me that I was supposed to bounce around and make “mistakes”. By making mistakes, I was gaining some serious wisdom that would help both myself and others in the long term.

I felt drawn to learn more.  I received my first professional reading in the fall of 2021. I fell in love with what I was learning because it helped me understand myself in a way I never had before. It liberated me to be myself. With the help of a Human Design Coach, I synthesized various components of my chart and applied it to my life in personalized ways. I employed specific strategies that made me more magnetic in my personal and professional life. I came to recognize and trust I was on the right path as a health coach.

As with anything that sparks passion within, I was inspired to become a certified reader and incorporate Human Design into my health coaching practice. With so many people coming to me with low energy levels, I knew Human Design could help people learn how to use and conserve their energy in beneficial ways.  Also, I loved that Human Design provided strategies for finding joy, purpose and abundance in life. Joy and purpose are often forgotten in the health equation, yet they are essential to overall wellbeing.

Human Design has changed my life for the better. On a personal level, it has given me confidence in my natural talents, improved my love life and friendships, and helped me embrace my authenticity. Professionally, it has helped me lean into my various healing talents and energetic gifts so I can help people transform more profoundly in a shorter amount of time.  For my clients, Human Design has taught them how to recognize and trust their intuition, strengthen their relationships, and say “no” to things they don’t want to do, setting firm boundaries where they once had none.

If you’re new to Human Design, I recommend running your chart for free and doing a little of your own research to see if it resonates with you. If it does, I suggest starting with a professional reading. You could look up more information yourself, but trying to learn about your chart from the internet is like having a map to buried treasure with no context. Having an intuitive reader like me brings specific insights, guidance and strategies for best operating in your own unique energy – something that’s super helpful.

We all have different gifts and life paths, yet many times we devalue our talents and compare ourselves to others. This is because we’re conditioned to believe that there is only one best way. In reality, there are many unique and fulfilling paths waiting to be understood and travelled effectively. If you are feeling lost in life, facing a health crisis, wanting to improve your relationships, experiencing low energy, looking for purpose, or wanting to maximize your career, then I suggest getting a Human Design Reading with me to determine if you resonate with the value I provide. The information you learn will help you grow as a person and step further into the Rockstar you are meant to be!

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