Intuitive Health Coaching

You are the expert of your own health and happiness.

You've just been conditioned to believe that you aren't. In my Health Coaching Program, I help you:

  • Find and address the root causes of your health issues
  • Fuel your body with better nutrition
  • Cultivate an environment, lifestyle, and relationships that align with your unique authenticity and natural gifts
  • Overcome fears, barriers, and limiting beliefs 
  • Reconnect to and strengthen your intuition
  • Decrease anxiety and stress

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who wants to take ownership of their health and is committed to making a lasting change in their health and well-being. If you are not looking to take immediate action toward your goals, or if you are stuck in blame and victim mentality, then this program is not for you. 

 How does intuitive health coaching work?

This is the deepest level of healing offered. This program consists of nine 90-minute sessions. We meet at the same day/time every two weeks.
In the first session, I start by doing a thorough history of your health and a health evaluation. I look at your background, as well as the symptoms you're experiencing to determine what your nutritional deficiencies are. I use the information and results to make nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations. I work with and recommend a few different supplement companies, all things that I have tried and worked for me and other clients first. Keep in mind these come at an additional cost. You don't have to purchase them, but they are highly recommended. I have my clients practice using their intuition to determine what works best for them. 
Starting with the first session and throughout the program, we make 1-2 new health goals and intentions for you to commit to for the next two weeks between sessions.
In the second session, we look at your Human Design and do a deep dive reading. I use it as a tool to offer specific strategies to support your health, energy, and natural gifts, as well as to see where you've experienced heavy conditioning and limiting beliefs. I take note of these and we revisit them in our remaining sessions.
Finally, I use the info gathered from the Health Evaluation and Human Design work to inform the ThetaHealing belief work and speed up the healing process. In the remaining 7 sessions, we start by doing a check in before doing the subconscious healing work. We utilize the Theta Healing technique to replace low frequency energies with new, more empowering beliefs and energies. At the end of each session, we come up with 1-2 new goals and intentions that feels good for you.
After the 3-month mark, you retake the Health Evaluation from the first session. It's scored, so you have a tangible number system to show where you have improved. 
If you want to know what it's like working with me, then consider a free consult to see if our energies vibe. Alternatively, I recommend scheduling a Human Design Reading or a ThetaHealing session. Both are great ways to see how I work while gaining valuable insight about yourself.
If you're ready to make a change in your health and heart, and if what I'm saying resonates, then reach out! I'd love to hear from you. 

 How much does the program cost?

This program cost is $2025, plus any additional costs for recommended supplements. 

Client Love


Judy Ryan

I was under the guidance of Alyssa for a year. After 4 months of working together, I received a report on my blood work. My type 2 diabetes and fatty liver had reversed. At 6 months, all my bloodwork came back normal. I feel stronger every week that goes by. I have dropped 40+ pounds and I’m taking on the next 20. I have been able to get off all 5 of my medications.

In fact, Alyssa increased my health on a psychological level by introducing me to Human Design so I could better understand how to effectively operate and find relief. She also brought me spiritual energy healing through ThetaHealing. As a result, she facilitated the awareness and release of many of my unconscious limiting beliefs that contributed to dis-ease in this life. 

I highly recommend working with Alyssa because it ensures you heal at the causal level, the deepest core roots of illness and imbalance.  Alyssa has so many natural and well-researched solutions. She additionally has courage, faith and love, make her a very special healing presence to all who work with her. Equally important, she is super supportive and encourages me through every step of the change process.


Caren Libby

I worked together with Alyssa for 6 months, with the first 3 months bringing the most dramatic results. The last 3 months were more reinforcing and supportive and kept me accountable. This is a process that requires consistent dedication, and Alyssa provided the holistic support that I needed to reach my overall goals. 

Alyssa helped me discover how to implement and embrace a healthy lifestyle that works well for me. I feel better, sleep better, and am losing weight; mentally, I have a lot more “get up and go.” I was able to reverse lifelong sinus and digestive issues. Honestly, I feel like I’m going backwards in my health life. Instead of getting older, I feel like I’m getting younger, and that opens the door to everything I want to accomplish for the rest of my life.

Alyssa understands how the mind and body work together to achieve and maintain optimum health because she's had to deal with her own health issues. She also recognizes that while everyone is different, there are combinations of dietary habits and fitness practices that can benefit everyone. She is very responsive and always has ideas. She is a great partner in this journey.

Angela Louis

Angela Louis

The first time I met Alyssa I knew that I was meant to work with her.  She is warm, inviting and full of insight and has love to give to everyone.  I initially started working with Alyssa because I had a goal of losing all of my baby weight - my baby is 14 years old.  Alyssa has the best approach to treat my goals holistically.  Where I have failed before was not looking at all aspects of myself and everything that makes us energetic beings. Without letting go of old beliefs and habits, I could not have begun to let go of any of the weight.  Alyssa explained nutrition, human design and incorporated Theta Healing into my sessions.  I fit into work pants today for the first time in a very long time.  Alyssa is amazing - everyone should work with her for personal wellness and healing.

Erin Stamm

Erin Stamm

I was at the end of my rope when a friend told me about Alyssa. I had been experiencing gastrointestinal issues and the cause was still undetermined after several tests. We worked together for 6 months. With Alyssa's support and guidance, we were able to figure out a regimen that returned my gut health not only back to "normal", but better than it has ever been! She listened and was not going to give up on me, even when I was convinced my GI issues would never go away.

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Lisa G.

I had some complex medical issues before working with Alyssa, which impacted me physically and emotionally. Alyssa was a wonderful support to me during this time and I am very grateful for her help and knowledge.

From a physical perspective, I started taking supplements that Alyssa suggested and they absolutely helped my energy level and overall health, especially my gut health. While I was already a pretty healthy eater, Alyssa's guidance and knowledge helped me fine tune my eating habits and diet even more to be able to improve my health.

From an emotional perspective, Alyssa was such a huge help and support. Doing ThetaHealing with Alyssa was truly transformative. It really helped me work on areas where I had blocks and just created a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation. We also did Human Design together which I found really helpful and informative. It helped me realize more about myself and embrace who I am, working towards my strengths and not always fighting against myself and trying to be something/someone I'm not.

Alyssa has a wonderful presence-she is calm, kind and truly wants to help people. She is very knowledgeable and insightful and it is obvious that she really cares about her clients and wants the best for them. I highly  recommend working with her! 

Dee Miller

Dee Miller

Before working with Alyssa, I felt like a zombie. I had low energy, plus severe lower back pain stemming from long work hours and sitting all day on video calls.  I knew I was in a slump and couldn't get out of it, so I decided to find outside help. Within 3 months, Alyssa helped me greatly improve my situation. With the patience of an angel, she coached and educated me through beneficial diet and lifestyle changes. 

I was not a big believer in supplements, but I gave some a try at her recommendation. The specific vitamins and minerals she suggested made me feel better almost immediately and gave me the added energy to make other changes.  They've also made a difference for my family! Regarding exercise, Alyssa listened to my needs and hand-picked some short, doable videos. This was a huge relief! I am very particular, and she personalized recommendations that I could commit to with my busy schedule. 

Alyssa also supported me with my decision to try intermittent fasting, which gives my cells more time to recover. She also connected me with a personal chef within my budget who cooked me healthy, organic meals that fit my dietary needs while I was learning how to create more time in my schedule (which I've since been able to do!). I really like that I'm making incremental, sustainable lifestyle changes instead of simply crash dieting.  For Alyssa, it’s not just about calories, but more about proper nutrition.

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