Human Design

Alyssa Hawn's Human Design

Human Design is a powerful transformational tool that helps you live in a more authentic, loving, and purposeful way. You have a unique human design chart that is calculated by your birth date, time, and place. It shows how your energy moves and operates differently from everyone else.

In a human design reading, I provide you with the "aha!" moment you deserve by explaining how your energy functions. I offer strategies to help you live as your true self, align with your higher purpose, thrive in your relationships, and maximize the experiences you are meant to have in this lifetime.


Human Design tells us how our unique energy moves and operates. It combines ancient and modern sciences, including wisdom from Western Astrology, the Chinese I-Ching, Hindu Chakra System, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, and Biochemistry.

Individual Reading

1 hour   ♦   $155

Learn how your energy functions and affects others. Discover how to follow your intuition and strategies for living your life's purpose. Includes session recording and a 15-page report to help you live according to your unique design.

Specialized Reading

1 hour   ♦   $110

Dive deep into the specifics of your chart, gaining insight and strategies to improve your health, career, relationships, or intuition. You will learn how to lean into your inherent gifts. An individual reading is recommended (but not required) beforehand.

Relationship Reading

1.5 hours   ♦   $225

This is for you and your partner, child, friend, or business partner! Understand how your energies work together to best inspire and support one another. Includes session recording and a 15-20 page report of your joint energy dynamics.


In this 6-month program, we use a combination of nutrition, lifestyle medicine, ThetaHealing, and Human Design to bring you back to your most authentic, happy, and healthy self.

Client Love


Marta Dobreva

Working with Alyssa helped me uncover my true self! And there’s no feeling more powerful than that. She helped me start using my energy correctly and tap into my intuition. After our sessions, I felt I could finally be the best version of myself and move through this world with grace and love. Alyssa is a genuine, caring, and knowledgeable coach. I was so happy with my readings that I even bought a session for my partner. I can’t recommend Alyssa enough. She’ll help you change your life for the better. 


Maryann & Michael Lonergan

We wanted to say how grateful we are with all of the work Alyssa provided us with our Human Design overview.  All we had to do was give our birth information and then we were astonished to receive pages and pages of our human designs.  It really helped us to hear about our strengths and weaknesses in our session.  Our communication has been on an upswing ever since. For that and for Alyssa we are very grateful. Energy is a beautiful thing. Thank you Alyssa for bringing your passion and energy to us!

Browns (1)

Noelle Casey

I learned so much from my human design reading with Alyssa! Not only did she explain my tendencies, but also how to move about the world in a way that fits me and allows me to be more successful. She explained the reasoning behind why I sometimes think/act the way I do, which made me feel validated. I highly recommend using Alyssa for a reading - it was super helpful!


Marcus & Belgin Brown

Alyssa is such a talented human design reader. Not only did she give us insight into ourselves, but also our relationship, such as our strengths and weaknesses, and ways to communicate better based on our own charts. My husband and I got so much out of this reading we couldn’t stop talking about it. I would highly suggest it to all! 

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