My Journey to ThetaHealing® and How I Use It

I have always been deeply sensitive and intuitive, but didn’t know how to harness those qualities without harming myself. I was a sponge for others’ energetic and emotional baggage, and this contributed to my long history of chronic illness and limiting beliefs. For most of my 20s, I hid and played small because I felt totally overwhelmed. I learned to distrust my intuition, tuning it out as much as possible with alcohol, TV, and logic.

In 2020, I was in so much physical and emotional pain that I finally had enough. I felt failed by our current medical system and realized I needed to take my health into my own hands. I prayed to a God I wasn’t sure I believed in, asking for support. 

Fortunately, I was guided down a path of holistic healing–health of the body, mind, and spirit. As I came back into balance and healed my gut, my intuitive capabilities grew rapidly. I felt as if the universe was guiding me, giving me “yes” or “no” signals as different opportunities presented themselves. For example, I learned about the Health Coach Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I KNEW I had to sign up, that this was my calling. 

Fast forward to the Summer of 2021. My first health coaching client had seen a ThetaHealing® practitioner named Nicole Lakebrink, and she told me how profound their session was. I was curious and signed up for my own session. 

Within our first few minutes together, Nicole told me that she would be witnessing the healing of limiting beliefs by the Creator. I thought, “Riiighhht.” But by the end of the session, I had cried my eyes out and felt like an elephant had been lifted off my throat. I laid down on the bed and felt like a radical transformation had occurred. I felt braver, like I could stand up for myself and for what I wanted. There was something to this work. I signed up for Nicole’s email list.

I never check my promotions folder. But whenever I saw a notification that there was an email from Nicole, I felt compelled to read it. Each email felt like she was speaking directly to me. I even wrote her at one point telling her this, and she replied, “There’s a reason I write what I write.” 

At the end of the year, one of Nicole’s emails contained a ThetaHealing class schedule that she was to teach in early 2022.  My pull to take the class was strong, despite my self-doubt. I thought, “Who am I to presume that I’m an energy healer?” (Ahem, cue the limiting beliefs!)

I signed up anyway. I did not know what to expect, but when I arrived, it was clear I was meant to be there. My entire paradigm shifted, but what I learned was my truth.



Since becoming an Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner, I am absolutely certain that I am meant to use my gift of powerful intuition to bring compassion, peace and healing to the world. I love that I have added this healing modality to my holistic toolbox. 

ThetaHealing Technique is a powerful energy healing modality created by Vianna Stibal. The healer connects to the Creator (God, Source, Life Force, etc) and witnesses a healing by the Creator. This might be a physical healing, but more often it is releasing limiting beliefs or instilling feelings in a person. For example, some people have never known what unconditional love or protection feels like. ThetaHealing helps people to recognize these wonderful feelings from the Creator’s perspective.

This might sound woowoo, and I would’ve been right there with you wearing my skeptic pants just three months ago. But the thing is, ThetaHealing has helped me and thousands of people overcome limiting beliefs and achieve greater awareness with a more positive mindset. I can personally attest to this. Because of consistent ThetaHealing work over the last few months, I have become more joyful, relaxed, and confident…and I want everyone to feel like this! 



I have been practicing with clients and friends for several months now. Interestingly, each session is totally different. A few are unwilling to let go of their limiting beliefs (because they operate as a form of protection), and others are like open books, totally eager to participate and heal. If you feel called to it, I encourage you to book a session

Here’s how it works:

I start by explaining what ThetaHealing is and what to expect. I do not do the healing; I am merely the witness. Creator is the one that heals. I am guided by the Creator to see what needs work, what needs to be healed and released. I then facilitate the healing. I communicate with you constantly, asking for your permission and checking what comes into your awareness.

Here is how one of my good friends, Kayla Rebecca Mason, Human Design and Radical Self-Acceptance Coach, described our first session together:

“Wow! Alyssa truly has a gift! Days after my ThetaHealing session with her, I am still noticing new energy shifts. If you’ve never done ThetaHealing, it’s essentially working with an energy healer to connect to Source and receive the healing you need to live in a more aligned way. 

Alyssa is the perfect person to usher you into this unique experience. She was very upfront with exactly what things she felt coming in from the Divine in the moment and made me feel super safe by asking for my permission before doing each part of the healing. It made me feel much more involved in the process than I had in previous energy healing sessions, where the practitioner just went in and did the healing without sharing it with me. Both ways of going about it seemed to work well, but this way made me feel much more involved in my own healing, which was very empowering. 

During the hour, Alyssa helped me understand the key limiting belief that was holding me back, worked to release and heal that belief on numerous levels of consciousness, muscle tested to see whether the belief had been released, and then continued with further healing of other limiting beliefs until the testing proved that we had cleared the core limiting belief. 

Together we spoke with my Grandfather (who passed years ago), and she was able to bring peace to two ancestral wayward spirits who were following me and perpetuating my limiting belief. I am feeling lighter and like weight is off my shoulders now. I will definitely be coming to Alyssa for further healing when I feel called to it, and would highly recommend her to anyone who feels blocked and is ready to heal.”

While each session is different, Kayla’s experience is fairly standard. I have an especially strong connection to the spirit world, able to access ancestors, past lives, and waywards. We may not always talk to a spirit (you might not want to), but I will always work on getting to the core beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life.



If you think you might like to try ThetaHealing, here is the criteria for getting the most value out of a session:

  • You need to have a belief in the Creator (or Source, Divinity, God, etc)
  • You need to want to heal
  • You need to believe you can heal

Not everyone is open to healing. Like I mentioned before, limiting beliefs can be a form of protection. For example, I asked a certain friend for permission to release a belief regarding finances, and he consciously chose not to release it because he felt the belief was serving him. And that’s perfectly fine. ThetaHealing honors your free will and personal choice.

If you do think you’re ready and want to try it out, I’m happy to jump on a curiosity call with you, or you can book a session with me. I’d love to help you move past what’s holding you back. If you need help deciding, check your intuition! If your curiosity is strong and you have this feeling of “yes,” then you may be onto something 🙂

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