SoulBody Alignment


  What is SoulBody Alignment?

SoulBody Alignment is a proprietary deep healing session that allows you to get to the bottom of deeply held beliefs in your subconscious and where they are stored in your body.
You will be held in sacred space by two practitioners: Alyssa Hawn, who focuses on accessing beliefs stored in your subconscious and DNA memory, including beliefs formed in this life, past lives, from your ancestry, and from the collective consciousness, while Chel Benyair identifies where in your physical and energetic bodies these beliefs are held. Together, we help you release the beliefs and energy that are no longer serving you and replace them with higher frequencies.

You will gain clarity to past obstacles at their origin point before releasing them, helping you to step into an entirely new space in your life. Any energetic attachments found in the body will be removed, leaving you feeling lighter and with more awareness to break repeating cycles. If you are ready for a significant upgrade, SoulBody Alignment will help you achieve it. 

What does a SoulBody Alignment session look like?

Your session includes an initial 15-minute consultation at the beginning. Next, you will lie down on a massage table fully clothed, and Chel will begin tuning into your energetic field while Alyssa guides you into a short meditation. As Alyssa is guided, you will be asked questions and will participate in uncovering deeply held beliefs. You will feel Chel's light touch on your body as she identifies the energetic source of the accessed information. As you and Alyssa work together on conscious mind release, Chel will move the energy stored in your field. After the hour, we will have a brief 15-minute closing discussion, including next steps and answering any questions you may have.
­Approximate time: 1.5 hours
Price: $300

How was SoulBody Alignment created?

SoulBody Alignment was created in November 2022 by Alyssa Hawn and Chel Benyair. Through discovering each others' work via trades, we learned that while we were both highly intuitive on our own, we were even more intuitive together. We saw that potential to combine our strengths into a new offering that could be extremely powerful.
We asked a mutual client if she would be willing to be the first recipient of SoulBody Alignment, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.  We started practicing on other clients, who also received phenomenal results. By working together, we discovered that the level of healing in SoulBody Alignment goes much deeper than other forms of energy healing. We are so excited to be offering this transformational new modality!

Get to Know Us!

In this interview with Positive Talk Radio, we talk about our work in healing and supporting others, the ins and outs of SoulBody Alignment, and the importance of building community.

Client Love

Ava G.

I can’t say enough about Chel & Alyssa. I had my first SoulBody Alignment and they made me feel so comfortable. They were able to clear blockages in my energy that I had been trying to heal for over a year. They did it in one session.  Alyssa’s ability to see what you need just using her powers of connecting to the Creator is amazing. The connection they had during the session made me feel like I picked the right people. You will not be disappointed.

Lisa G.

I have worked with both Chel and Alyssa individually, so having a joint session with their combined healing was a no brainer for me. They both have such a calming presence and wonderful skills. They talked me through what they were doing and guided me through, helping me stay relaxed. It was definitely an intense experience and I felt that I was able to release a lot. During the following days, I felt more open and grounded. I definitely recommend this healing modality. Both women are very talented energy healers and I am blessed to know them!

Beverly T.

Experiencing a SoulBody Alignment session is beyond words—amazingly transcendental, healing, and regenerating. After two sessions, I have experienced a greater sense of well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally, along with noticing more peace and levity in my days.  As two warm, empathic, and well-skilled healers, Chel and Alyssa create a comfortable and safe space to grow and heal within.  The synergistic power of them together is incredible.

Lara O.

Alyssa and Chel opened my eyes to a new way to heal and now I won’t look back. They were not only empathetic to my situation and recovery, but they were also extremely passionate about helping me and threw themselves into the work. Thanks to their intuition and unique perspective, I feel confident pursuing this path toward healing!

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