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ThetaHealing is a powerful energy healing modality and meditation technique that allows you to transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.

The power of ThetaHealing is incredible. I've seen clients discover why their physical ailments started in the first place, free themselves from addiction, release long-standing prejudices, heal past traumas, and manifest amazing things...the possibilities are limitless.

Virtual Session

1 hour   ♦   $110


In-Person Session

1 hour   ♦   $110

West Hartford, CT area only.

6 Session Package

6 sessions   ♦   $600

Contact for scheduling.


In this 12-week program, we use a combination of nutrition, lifestyle medicine, ThetaHealing, and Human Design to bring you back to your most authentic, happy, and healthy self.

Client Love


Rachel Perry

I am forever grateful to Alyssa for what she has done for my mind, body and spirit. Alyssa has an unparalleled gift of working in the unseen places within her clients. Her high level of intuition and ability to read your energy allows Alyssa to dig deeper than you’ve ever though of going - she gets to the root. Not only has she helped ease me of my anxiety, frustrations and personal issues, she has also allowed me to grow and thrive by releasing the negativity that had been holding me back.  I hold Alyssa in high acclaim for the deep care and consideration she put into our sessions and the outstanding impact it has had on my life. 

Jess Caimi

Jessica Caimi

I have received so much benefit from working with Alyssa!  She's helped me understand some of the past life experiences that have impacted me and has guided me in digging deeper into present life circumstances.  Her intuitive insights are spot on and she has helped me gain clarity within my relationships, career, and health.  At one point, I was feeling anxious about a lull in my work and after just one session, I noticed a huge shift.  Through changing my own energy, I was able to attract the clients that could most benefit from my support without subconsciously sabotaging myself.  Most of all, I appreciate Alyssa's kind demeanor and sense of humor which help put me at ease when we are working together. 


Jessica Tanir

Alyssa has a true presence and gift. She’s very in tune and holds a tremendous amount of space for you to make shifts during your sessions. Working with her was truly profound and helped me bring to the surface many limiting beliefs and blocks that have been holding me back. After our sessions, I feel so much lighter, more aware of my intentions, and more tapped into my intuition.

Dr Graham

Dr. Mitchell Graham

Working with Alyssa has a been an amazing experience! Her talents and gifts are truly a blessing and I look forward to our ThetaHealing sessions each week. Finding a practitioner with her unique skill set is priceless. I highly recommend scheduling a consult and seeing what she can do for you!

Caren (2)

Kayla Mason

Wow! Alyssa truly has a gift! Days after my session with her, I am still noticing new energy shifts. Alyssa is the perfect person to usher you into this unique experience. She was very upfront with exactly what things she felt coming in from the Divine in the moment and made me feel super safe by asking for my permission before doing each part of the healing. I am feeling lighter and like weight is off my shoulders now. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels blocked and is ready to heal.

JEssica (1)

Erin Herman

I had such a positive experience with Alyssa. Personally, I tend to have a lot of blocks and resistance towards healing with other practitioners. Immediately, Alyssa picked up on that vibe and made me feel comfortable. She explained things I had questions about and even adapted the session to fit my level of comfortability. The fact that she was able to adapt on spot and help me learn and grow through this practice was truly amazing and transformative. It speaks to the kind of beautiful soul Alyssa has, as well as her true passion for this practice.

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