1-on-1 Health Coaching Program

12 WEEK PROGRAM @ 1,200 - $3,000

My coaching rates are sliding scale based on income. Please inquire.

Want to feel amazing in your body and more like your authentic, happy self? This 1:1 Program offers a holistic solution, designed to create sustainable, long-term results so that you can heal your body, connect with your unique intuition, and become the expert of your own health. In our weekly or biweekly coaching sessions, I create a safe space and help you:

  • Find and address the root causes of your health issues
  • Fuel your body with the right nutrition
  • Create an environment and lifestyle that bolsters energy and mental clarity
  • ​Overcome fears, barriers, and limiting beliefs 
  • Cultivate intuition to decrease anxiety and stress
  • Feel more connection, love and compassion towards those in your life

What you get:

  • 12 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Full health evaluation with diet & supplement recommendations
  • Customized tools and resources
  • Email support
  • Human Design reading and analysis

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Health Coaching Session


If you're overwhelmed and confused when it comes to your health and don't know where to start, then this session is for you! I listen to your unique health issues, ask guiding questions to help you find the root causes, answer your specific questions, and offer you with next steps. With your permission, I use my intuition and connection to the Creator to provide you with further information. Following the session, you will get an email  with personalized information that I think would be most helpful for you.

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ThetaHealing® Session

60-MINUTES @ $95

The Theta Healing® Technique is an energy healing modality and meditation technique created by Vianna Stibal that allows you to transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. This work shifts your beliefs and energy to match the positive lifestyle you want to live. With your permission, I start with an intuitive body scan and receive intuitive guidance from the Creator on what to work on. I remain in constant communication with you about what is happening and what comes into your awareness, always asking your permission before witnessing any healing. Read more about my journey to ThetaHealing and how I use it

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Human Design Reading


A Human Design Reading is the “aha!” moment we all deserve in our lives.  Your human design chart is your unique energy blueprint that validates the ways in which you act, think and behave.  Unfortunately, we are often conditioned to be a certain way, which can leave us feeling wrong, ashamed, and undervalued…when we’re actually better off operating in the way that feels natural to us per our human design.  In this session, you will gain a clear understanding of how to live your best life in the most authentic way.  Together we’ll start the deconditioning process and make sense of your biggest questions.  We’ll go over:

  • Type - how your energy and aura function and affect other people
  • Strategy - how to best interact and engage in the world
  • Authority - how you intuitively make the most important decisions
  • Profile - how your energy moves and how others view you
  • Definition - how we interact with others and how connected we are to ourselves
  • Open and defined centers - how your receive and transform energy, as well as how susceptible you are to societal conditioning
  • Cross of Incarnation - your primary purpose in this life
  • Channels - the predominant themes in your life experience

Following the session, I send you a detailed 8-page report of what we covered with practical strategies to help you live according to your design. You will have a better understanding of what you've always known about yourself and build the confidence to use it!

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Alyssa Hawn 11

Become stronger, happier, and more confident in your health every day.

It’s never too late to become your own health care provider and take control of your health, and I would love to help you get there. In my work, I have helped people restore energy, sleep better, reverse chronic health conditions, overcome limiting beliefs, create boundaries, and ease their pain and suffering. They are showing up as who they want to be in their lives. I want all those things for you, too!

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